Baden Street Settlement

Date : 25-05-2016
Client : Baden Street
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Baden Street Settlement’s  Rites of Passage Program is for male and female youth between the ages of 11 and 17 years old to teach them the necessary principles, values, cultural history and discipline which will anchor them on their passage through Adolescence , Puberty, and into Adulthood.    Rites of Passage Programs help African American Youth to identify with not only their cultural heritage but also with all of the contributions that their ancestors have made to help make America the great country that it is today.

Who – All Youth and Elders/volunteers

What – Weekly Gathering

Where – 13 Vienna Street
Rochester, NY

When – Every Friday 7:30 – 9:30 p.m.

Why – To continue the journey to adulthood through self discovery

  • Mentally Stimulating
  • African Centered
  • Spiritually Centered
  • Community Based

The weekly Baden Street Rites of Passage Program assists youth with developing methods of controlling themselves, analyzing situations, and developing positive relations with other people, other cultures, and their environment. The instruction will impart knowledge of who they are and what their responsibilities are to themselves, their families, and also to their communities. Strong emphasis is placed on the importance of life-long learning and study

For more information contact:
Michael Campbell
325-4910 X146 –

Funded by The City of Rochester, Bureau of Human Services

Project Odyssey

Project Odyssey’s goal is to provide in-school 14, 15 and 16 year olds with support in any area of their life that they need it – whether that be improving grades, learning to keep and find employment, avoid violence, or become a leader in the community.   In Project Odyssey, we take field trips, attend workshops and get involved with community service projects.

Some activities include:

  • Established service learning project relationship with Nazareth College of Rochester. Nazareth College students provide tutoring, and mentoring for participants. Through weekly contact and field trips to Nazareth College Campus, participants receive personal academic assistance and are exposed to higher education and positive role models.
  • Participant newsletter – A youth sponsored newsletter, written by youth, edited by youth, and published by youth for youth. Participants have an opportunity to express their ideas, their needs, and share information with other teens, while learning leadership and entrepreneurship skills.
  • In conjunction with Prevention Partners a group of participants have formed a Project Odyssey Reality Check Group, and joined a network of youth groups in Monroe County to support the New York State Reality Check Objective. Reality Check is a youth led movement directed at exposing the truth about tobacco use and the manipulative practices of the tobacco industry. Through youth led activities, youth become involved in positive, personal strength building activities that will increase community awareness about tobacco and lessen tobacco use in Monroe County.

For more information contact: